Our Community

We believe that community is a key part of sustainability - indeed, a vibrant community is the foundation of any sustainable food system.  These people are our community; they have been neighbors and friends to us and their products have educated us about what local food can mean.  They are the inspiration for what we’re doing.

Local Partners

Ganados del Valle

We at Rancho Manzanares are proud to partner with Ganados de Valle, a local non-profit organization dedicated to fostering sustainable economic development in northern New Mexico.  Ganados encourages area residents to become involved in traditional occupations through agricultural support programs, scholarship and loan programs, and community education outreach.

One of the best things about Ganados is that it’s a local organization made up of ordinary local people taking action to make their own community better.  Ganados believes that the area’s most valuable resource is its people, and the members of the organization work hard to help their neighbors create their own opportunities - where they are, using what they already have.  To us, this is what sustainable development is all about.

We’re grateful for their support, and we look forward to helping them in their mission.

Shepherd's Lamb

Hi Mom and Dad! The only producers of certified-organic lamb in New Mexico, Molly and Antonio Manzanares were among the pioneers of small ranch direct-to-consumer production in New Mexico.  They’ve been a mainstay of farmers’ markets around the state since the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market was just a few trailers in a parking lot.  The high quality of their meat and wool products sets the bar for local producers around the state.

They have also been instrumental in community-building here in Tierra Amarilla for the last 40 years, mentoring younger producers as well as supporting other local enterprises, most notably the Tierra Wools handweaving shop in Los Ojos, NM.  They know about what it takes to make sustainable ranching work and we wouldn’t be here without them.


Pollo Real Pastured Poultry

Tom Delehanty, the owner of Pollo Real, knows a thing or two about raising amazing chicken at his farm in Socorro, NM.  He was among the first organic pastured poultry producers in the nation, and is known for his innovations in sustainable poultry grazing methods.  Tom is passionate about spreading the gospel of quality, sustainably-produced local food, and mentors new sustainable farmers and ranchers across the state.

C4 Farms

Tommy and Jessica Casados grow their 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef here in Tierra Amarilla.  Agustin and Tommy grew up together here in the Chama Valley, and both pursued other careers before returning to the area, prompted by a love of the land and a passion for ranching.  We’re pleased to see the growing success of their operation and excited to see other young producers embracing sustainable agriculture.


Before we were producers, we were consumers - these are some of our favorite producers from our former home in Virginia.  They taught us a lot when we were on the buying side of the farmers’ market table:  important lessons about the value of the producer-consumer relationship, genuine enthusiasm for your products, and belief in what you’re doing.  Most importantly, though, the quality of their products taught us what really good food can be.  If you happen to around the Peninsula, we encourage you to check them out.

Parker Family Farm

We’re extremely grateful that the wonderful eggs, chickens, turkey, and pork the Parker family raises Gloucester, VA were a daily part of our diet for 5 years.  Seeing them operate their family farm gave us an outstanding example of what a small multi-species operation should look like, and our weekly visits to their on-farm store always felt like a special treat.


Georgiatown Farm

Karen Doyle raises a beautiful assortment of heritage breed poultry, pigs, and sheep on her farm in White Stone, VA.   Not only did she accommodate our special skin-on pork belly requests, but she was also amazingly generous with her time and knowledge, showing us best practices she’s discovered for her pork operation and introducing us to the Red Wattle breed of hog.


Pampatike Hill Farm

Tesi Wiemer and her family raise some of the best 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef in Virginia.  Eating beef from their farm in King William, VA was a revelation about what beef should taste like:  we’d rather eat a hamburger from Pampatike than a steak from most other producers, any day of the week.  Their operation is a great example of how active pasture management - taking care of the land - results in a superior product.


Amy’s Garden

We’ll be forever grateful to Amy & her team for keeping us supplied with green chile (grown in Charles City, VA) during our extended stay away from New Mexico.  Their stand was always our first stop on market morning in Williamsburg, and their rainbow chard was a daily staple at our Virginia breakfast table.


Steve Haas Mushrooms

Elizabeth Haas has an infectious enthusiasm for mushrooms, and after eating the mushrooms that she and her husband bring to the Williamsburg Farmers’ Market it’s easy to see why.  Not only were the mushrooms fantastic, but Elizabeth’s genuine passion gave us a great example of what it means to really believe in your product.


KelRae Farms

Randy and Michelle Gulden grow outstanding produce on their farm in Toano, VA.  Not only did they introduce us to our favorite varieties of kale & tomatoes, but their enthusiasm for their product made them a pleasure to visit on Saturdays at the Williamsburg Farmers’ Market.